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Tafsir ul Quran, or the explanation and interpretation of the verses of the Quran, holds immense significance in understanding the depth and wisdom of the Quranic text. Derived from the root word "fassara," meaning to explain, Tafsir delves into the true meanings and context of the Quranic verses. It is not an undertaking for those with ordinary intellect, but rather requires extensive knowledge of Islam and a thorough understanding of its history.

The objective of Tafsir ul Quran is to unveil the true meanings of the verses, enabling the audience to benefit from and comprehend the profound message of the Quran. There are several reasons why Tafsir is crucial:

  • 1. Enhancing Understanding: Tafsir goes beyond a mere translation of the Quran, providing valuable insights into the historical context and circumstances surrounding the revelation of each Ayah. This deeper understanding allows readers to grasp the intended meanings of the verses.
  • 2. Establishing Islamic Laws: Tafsir plays a vital role in extracting the laws and regulations of Islam from the Quran. By combining the verses of the Quran with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Tafsir presents a comprehensive and coherent set of instructions for believers.

Our Tafsir ul Quran course offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to cater to students who speak English or Urdu. English-speaking students will study "Quran Made Easy or Aasan Tarjuma Quran English" for translation and "Tafseer Ibne-e-Katheer English." Urdu-speaking students will explore "Aasan Tarjuma Quran Urdu" for translation and "Tafseer-e-Usmani."

Enroll in our Online Tafsir ul Quran course today and embark on a transformative journey to unlock the profound meanings of the Quran, deepen your understanding of Islam, and enrich your spiritual connection with the divine scripture.

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Why Choose Us for Your Quranic Studies?

At Quranic Skills Academy, we offer a comprehensive platform for learning and reviewing the Holy Quran, encompassing everything from fundamental teachings to advanced Tajweed theories. Our dynamic packages are specifically designed to ensure accurate Quran reading with proper pronunciation. Moreover, we provide specialized Tajweed classes to further enhance your Quranic skills. Join us to embark on a fulfilling journey of Quranic knowledge and mastery.

Appraisal Certificate

Appraisal Certificate: Upon completion of our courses, students receive an appraisal certificate, recognizing their achievements in Quranic learning.

24/7 Service

Our team of professional Quran tutors is available round-the-clock, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for students worldwide.

Easy Online Payments

We offer hassle-free online payment options, making the registration and payment process convenient for our valued clients.

Worldwide Recognition

Our classes cater to students from all regions, with convenient timings tailored to your country or region.

Individual Classes

We provide one-on-one individualized classes, allowing students to receive personalized attention and progress at their own pace.

Multilingual Tutors

Our team of tutors is proficient in multiple languages, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to learn comfortably in their preferred language.

Evaluation Reports

Regular evaluation reports are provided to track students' progress, offering valuable insights and guidance for improvement.

Alternative Teachers

In the event of a teacher's unavailability, we ensure uninterrupted learning by providing alternative qualified teachers for continuous progress.

Online Panel

Our user-friendly online platform allows easy access to learning materials, class schedules, and communication with tutors for a seamless learning experience.


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