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About Quran Memorization Course

the Quran Memorization is to learn every word of it by heart. Memorizing the Quran is different from memorizing any other piece of text. It is a great responsibility to learn the Quran correctly, as you cannot and must not change any word or even the slightest makharij.

Changes in makharij often change the entire meaning and context of the word and the verse in its entirety. It is the message of Allah, thus should be learned and held with immense concentration and great responsibility.

Being able to learn the Quran by heart is a beautiful feeling, a great asset and sacred possession in itself. It’s like you carry the Quran in your heart. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the light of the Holy Book follows you.

You have reached the right place, we are here to pave ways to your dream. Give us the honor to help you gain this ‘PLEASURE’.

Quran Memorization in its entirety is a great struggle and effort, which is why a lot of rewards and virtues have been kept in it for you.

A person who has memorized Quran is referred to as a ‘Hafiz-e-Quran’ and holds a high position in the eyes of Allah and His Messenger (S.A.W). A Hafiz has eminent privileges over other Muslims in this life, which have been verified in Quran and Hadith.

Course Outline

Quran Memorization Course Outline

    What will you learn in quran memorization course?

  • Accurate Memorization of The Book of Allah (Quran)
  • Techniques For Fast Memorization
  • The Forgetfulness Types
  • How To Overcome Forgetfulness
  • The General Meaning of The Verses
  • The Reasons For Revealing The Verses
  • Advantages of Memorizing The Quran

Why Taking The Quran Memorization Course?

We, at Quran Ayat, offer the Quran Memorization course, where we have assimilated the top Quran scholars and professionals for you. A thorough schedule would be discussed with you at the beginning of the session and our professionals would help you follow it to achieve your goal in the decided time frame. You will be exposed to repeated tests that to make sure the Quran stays with you for a long time and you don’t forget it.


Why Choose Us for Your Quranic Studies?

At Quranic Skills Academy, we offer a comprehensive platform for learning and reviewing the Holy Quran, encompassing everything from fundamental teachings to advanced Tajweed theories. Our dynamic packages are specifically designed to ensure accurate Quran reading with proper pronunciation. Moreover, we provide specialized Tajweed classes to further enhance your Quranic skills. Join us to embark on a fulfilling journey of Quranic knowledge and mastery.

Appraisal Certificate

Appraisal Certificate: Upon completion of our courses, students receive an appraisal certificate, recognizing their achievements in Quranic learning.

24/7 Service

Our team of professional Quran tutors is available round-the-clock, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for students worldwide.

Easy Online Payments

We offer hassle-free online payment options, making the registration and payment process convenient for our valued clients.

Worldwide Recognition

Our classes cater to students from all regions, with convenient timings tailored to your country or region.

Individual Classes

We provide one-on-one individualized classes, allowing students to receive personalized attention and progress at their own pace.

Multilingual Tutors

Our team of tutors is proficient in multiple languages, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to learn comfortably in their preferred language.

Evaluation Reports

Regular evaluation reports are provided to track students' progress, offering valuable insights and guidance for improvement.

Alternative Teachers

In the event of a teacher's unavailability, we ensure uninterrupted learning by providing alternative qualified teachers for continuous progress.

Online Panel

Our user-friendly online platform allows easy access to learning materials, class schedules, and communication with tutors for a seamless learning experience.


Our Vision & Mission

With a shared intensity for the Quran, our mission and vision are dedicated to educating and enlightening millions of individuals worldwide who aspire to learn and read the Quran, master its pronunciation, and excel in Tajweed. Trust us as your guide to becoming a true master of the Holy Quran.


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